The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field on Saturday, August 17. The game will be televised locally on CBS and nationally on NFL Network. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.

Fans are encouraged to arrive two hours early to avoid anticipated heavy traffic and last-minute crowds at the gate. Fans who arrive early will also be able to enjoy in-stadium pregame activities. All gates will open at 5:30 p.m.


Fans purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster should download, view and save their tickets through the Official Steelers Mobile App prior to their arrival at Heinz Field. For information on viewing and saving tickets, fans can visit

Print-at-home tickets will no longer be available through Ticketmaster. No barcodes printed on paper will be accepted. Regular hard-stock tickets will continue to be accepted at all gates. Screenshots of tickets will not be accepted.

Fans who did not purchase through Ticketmaster can find details on viewing and saving mobile tickets at


All NFL teams implemented the “All Clear” bag policy at stadiums in 2013, and it remains in effect this season. The policy affects the type and size of bags that are permitted into the stadium, not the items that fans normally need to bring to a game.

Heinz Field encourages fans to not bring in any type of bags. However, the following style and size bag, package or container at stadium plaza areas, stadium gates or when approaching queue lines of fans awaiting entry into the stadium are permitted:


The Steelers and Heinz Field management are advising fans attending Saturday’s game about some access and security matters, including the following stadium policies:

  • Walk-through metal detectors will be in place at every Heinz Field entry point this year
  • Signs and apparel with foul language or inappropriate messages are prohibited at Heinz Field. Fans with signage or apparel bearing foul language will not be allowed into Heinz Field or will be subject to expulsion from the stadium.
  • Media must present identification and check-in prior to being admitted to the stadium. All bags must be checked and tagged before entering the building. Tags must remain on all bags throughout the entirety of your stay at Heinz Field.
  • Media planning on exiting and re-entering the stadium at any point on game day must have their credential “scanned-out” before exiting in order for it to be valid for re-entry.

Heinz Field management recommends that all fans lock their vehicles and keep personal belongings out of sight before entering the stadium. Fans are advised to not leave valuables in their vehicles during games.

COUNTERFEIT TICKETS The Steelers and Heinz Field management are warning fans to watch out for counterfeit tickets when attempting to make a purchase from scalpers. With the new mobile ticketing service, no legitimate ticket will be printed on paper from home. All fans purchasing tickets should require tickets be transferred to their mobile device for access through the Official Steelers App, Ticketmaster App or via